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Reducing Loneliness and Isolation

We are asked daily if we have anybody who can befriend an older or disabled person. To date we have met this need through utalising volunteers who can call somebody at least once a week.

However due to continued requests and excellent feedback from volunteers and clients alike, we have decided to develope and expand this service.

Some funding has been secured to offer support to people who are unable to leave their homes. We are now applying for additional funds to cater for more people and develop a service that can meet a variety of needs.

These are the following services available to people who are lonely or isolated. People can choose more than one option or change their mind later down the line to try something else.


Befriending via phone

Befriending via email/text

Face 2 Face Befriender (in the persons home or venue of their choosing.)

Walking Buddy

Retail Therapy

Social activities

There will be no cost to the individual (client) however they will need to pay any car parking fees if they go out and about.

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