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We strive to empower disabled individuals, older adults, and carers within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire by providing them with resources, support, and community connections to positively impact their lives.


What do we do and how?

We have a variety of advice and guidance services that help you get the answers you need.

Our services are;

Benefits advice.

This includes entitlement checks and form filling, appeals and tribunal assistance. We can assist you with all disability and age related benefits.

Community Support.

This service can help you with finding grants, deal with other forms and paperwork, complete homelink applications, help you find activities and support and more. 

The community team also recruit and train volunteers. Our incredible volunteers help people in their local community by doing odd jobs and through befriending support.

Every service and group we run has been developed by people who use them.

We also promote positive change in a non-political and non-campaigning way. As an organisation, we have a strong sense of commitment to empowering people to make their own choices and make positive decisions about independent living opportunities. Our staff help people to self advocate to change things that impact their lives.

Our entire team, which includes volunteers, staff, management and board members are actively changing the negative perceptions of disability. We feedback our life experiences and your views to decision and policy makers to create better access and opportunities for disabled people and those with long term health conditions.

However a lot of the support we provided could not happen without the amazing people who join us as volunteers. Visit our volunteers page for more information.


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Disability Support ltd
Registered Company Number: 09253306
Registered Charity Number: 1178924

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